TLC Leadership Model™


  • Trust

  • Listen

  • Communicate



The TLC Leadership Model™ is designed for business organization and management consulting.  In an environment of constant change, the three core principles: Trust, Listen, and Communicate are the basis for building change management practices at any level across industries.  Through the process, change management programs are formed collaboratively, taking into consideration current culture, organizational agility, and the desired aspirational state.  Based on the level of transformation, business and management consulting services in change management can be tailored to any of the following audiences:  


  • Executive sponsors

  • Managers and mid-level leaders

  • Frontline contributors

The unique approach incorporating TLC Leadership with twenty years of experience leading high performing teams, consulting, training and leadership development is the differentiation in helping organizations successfully embrace transformational change. 


Concepts embedded in analysis, design, implementation, and measurement includes:

  • Understanding change and the impact on profitability

  • Supporting executive sponsors of change

  • Helping champion others through change

  • Managing through internal and external conflict caused by organizational shifts

  • Understanding purpose, benefits, alignment and role clarity resulting from change



Look for my new book describing the TLC Leadership Model™ : Success in the Face of Change, available on all major e-book platforms.  

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