The Institute of Excellence is a joint venture between Cognitive Change LLC and Malakia Movement LLC.  Dedicated to building a membership-based, cross-industry initiative that will provide forward focused, leadership development services that catapult careers and elevate organizations.
Our mission is to cultivate and empower leaders through world class experiential, solutions-oriented leadership development, consulting and coaching to transformationally improve and change organizational culture.
Our vision is to cultivate leaders that change cultures.
Areas of Expertise

Leadership Development

  • Personal Branding

  • Language & Influence

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Culture & Change

  • Vision & Execution

Consulting Services

Change Management

  • Understanding the Need

  • Education of Roles

  • Understanding ROI

  • Program

    • Design

    • Implementation

    • Sustaining Success

Coaching for Results

Focus on Executives & High Potentials

  • Individual Growth

  • Embracing Change

  • Authentic Leadership